The Great Orangutan Project

At The Great Orangutan Project for some years now we prided ourselves on providing the best exclusive volunteer opportunities to help the amazing orangutans of Borneo.

In 2011 we decided to branch out and provide volunteer opportunities to save other endangered animals around the world too. These include gorillas in Uganda and turtles in the Sri Lanka.

Below is a list of our current award winning orang-utan projects. These are linked to our new website The Great Projects, please check out all of the project information there as well as photos, itineraries and comments from past and future volunteers.

Orangutan in a basket

Sarawak orangutan volunteer project

Join our award winning volunteer experience in orangutan conservation in Borneo. On this 14 or 28 day project you will get the chance to work behind the scenes at the Matang Wildlife Centre helping with enrichment, husbandry, and construction work for the orangutans.

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Orangutan with stick

IAR orangutan project

Volunteer in Borneo to help create a wildlife centre for orangutans and help International Animal Rescue to construct this centre which one day will be able to house, care for and re introduce into the wild, 100 orangutans.

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Orangutan walking

Orangutan and tribes voluntour

Spend time working with Orangutans and then trek to see the local Iban tribes. Take an unforgettable orangutan jungle tour on the island of Borneo visiting 2 orangutan centres; and 3 national parks Batang Ai National Park.

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Orangutan swinging

Orangutan and pygmy elephant experience

Join an amazing 12 day wildlife adventure within the Corridor of Life itself, located in the village of Sukau. Observe orangutans and other endangered species in the wild and help with the reforestation project in Kinabatangan.

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The Great Projects Orangutan

New Website: The Great Projects

Click below to view our brand new website The Great Projects which incorporates all of the fantastic work done by The great orangutan project with new projects in Africa and other exotic destinations.

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